Frequently Asked Questions - Employers
What is Osun Job Center, (O-JOBS)?

Osun Job Center is a cost-free employment-related services agency created by the State Government. It assists with the development of job seekers through training services to improve their job search opportunities and also with those looking to start a business or already have a business by developing their business skills and much more in order to advance the economic welfare of the state. The Osun Job Center serves as an intermediary between employers and job seekers, with the goal of matching a company’s needs and requirements with a job seeker’s skills, experiences and interests.

What are the benefits of registering with the Osun Job Center?
Registering with Osun Job Center enables you to:
  • Create a Profile. This helps the system to automatically match your job postings to the skill-set of job seekers.
  • Post jobs online
  • Reduce advertising costs spent on recruiting applicants
  • Save management time by only reviewing suitable candidates that have been screened, tested and undergone a verification process.
What are the Employment Support Services you provide?
  • Career Counselling for job seekers to make informed employment and education choices
  • Employability Skills training to enhance the employability of participants (i.e.Job search techniques, effective interview techniques, CV review and basic ICT skills)
  • Business and Entrepreneurial Training on how to conduct a Feasibility Study, how to write a Business Plan and much more
  • Career Counselling for job seekers to make informed employment and education choices
  • Job fairs to connect individuals to employers
What is my Osun Job Center 'Profile' used for?

Your Profile is where you record your company’s details and needs. The system at the Osun Job Center uses this information to automatically match your job postings against suitable candidates and display them in the recommended candidates list from which you select those you wish to invite for an interview.

Is an account required to post jobs?

Yes. You can view and manage your complete list of job postings and applications from Job seekers in the system by clicking the manage job postings tab or the manage job seekers’ applications tab.

Does my Osun Job Center account remain active for an indefinite period?

With frequent usage it will remain active. After a given time period of inactivity, a designated account manager will be in contact with you.

How do you match job seekers to my requirements?

The system will match job seekers against job titles, skills, keywords you use when creating your job posting. The more detailed your posting, the higher the probability of exact matches.

When will my job posting expire?

Your job posting expires on the date you select. If no specific expiry date is selected, your job will expire 30 days after the posting date.

Can I terminate a job posting before the expiry date?

Yes. Click on the manage job postings tab then change closing date to preferred date.

What is the cost to our company for using your services?

The Osun Job Center provides employment support services at no cost to you.

How many locations does the Center have?

In addition to the Head Office at Osogbo, the State Capital, there are Desk Offices located at the 30 Local Government Areas of the State and Ife East Central Office.

What should I do if I forget my Osun Job Center Username and/or password?

Click on Forgot your password/Login details on the Sign in box and follow the process.

How do I know an email from Osun Job Center is genuine?

Osun Job Center will NEVER send you an email requesting for:

  • Your account username or password
  • You to transfer money to provide employment support services to you
  • Personal details – Bank Account details or any other information that is not important to the job posting process.
    • If you are in any doubt about an email claiming to be from Osun Job Center, please Contact us. Provide a detailed description of the email.

How do I contact Osun Job Center?

Please contact us by sending a mail to or use the contact form on the contact us page. You may also contact us through Facebook: osunjobcenterojobs, Twitter: osunjobcenter1 or call us on +2349037853095.
If you do not receive a response in 72 hours, please resend your enquiry.

What can you expect from us?

We will endeavour to:

  • Provide you with a relationship manager to assist you with our services and your needs.
  • Match your vacancy/vacancies to our suitable candidate(s) in a timely fashion.
  • Keep you always informed.